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Work on ‘Tumbbad 2’ on, but don’t want to cash in on franchise: Sohum Shah


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Work on ‘Tumbbad 2’ on, but don’t want to cash in on franchise: Sohum Shah

Actor-producer Sohum Shah says the team has begun work on the sequel to their acclaimed mythological horror film “Tumbbad” but the writing will take time as they are yet to lock the idea for the new part. The 2018 film, directed by Rahi Anil Barve, earned rave reviews and has since found a loyal fan-following. Shah, who had produced and acted in the horror-fantasy, said he is flooded with requests to take the film’s universe ahead with a franchise but he won’t do anything to simply cash in on its popularity.

“The writing for ‘Tumbbad 2’ is on, we had cracked a few story ideas too but they didn’t quite work at the screenplay level. But I am in no rush to cash in on the franchise or worry that ‘what if people forget.’

“I am not playing that game. The team is trying to crack an idea. Our aim is to make it as good as the first one, if not better. We need to get convinced with the idea first before we proceed,” Shah told PTI.

The film featured Shah as a man in search of a hidden treasure in the 20th century British India village of Tumbbad, Maharashtra. “Tumbbad” was in production for nearly six years—with the film even re-written and re-shot—before it eventually released theatrically.

Shah, who has also backed the acclaimed 2013 release “Ship of Theseus”, said “Tumbbad” exceeded its original budget by four times but if he comes across another such project, including the film’s sequel, he will not hold back.

“I produce films from my heart, not from a business point of view. I put in four times more money than the original budget for ‘Tumbbad’. When you start making a film, you really are pulled into it. As a businessman, I know if I can get a pay off.

“If a director asks for 60 days to make a film, as a producer I give 65 days because those five days will add to its quality. I give freehand to makers. The businessman mind thinks that first the film has to be good, creatively,” he added.

The actor was recently seen in Abhishek Bachchan starrer “The Big Bull”, released on Hotstar. Shah credited “Tumbbad” for opening up acting opportunities for him as makers saw what he was capable of, after featuring in acclaimed films like Meghna Gulzar’s “Talvar” and a brief appearance in Hansal Mehta’s “Simran”.

“I have actually been fortunate to get such diverse roles so far. A ‘Ship of Theseus’ has been different from a ‘Simran’ which was completely different from ‘Tumbbad’ or ‘Talvar’. Someone watched ‘The Big Bull’ and told me how they couldn’t identify me in the film.” 

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