‘Woke’ Review: Netizens say it’s a “must watch” and give it a “thumbs up”


Woke is the latest television series released on Hulu on September 9. When the trailer of the show had released, it had intrigued netizens and had created a buzz on social media. After the series released, netizens shared their reactions on the show.

Audience review

Ever since the Woke web series released on Hulu, netizens have flooded social media expressing their opinions on the show. Several netizens expressed that they loved the show and urged others to watch it as well. Many others revealed that the lead actor, Lamorne was their favourite actor and that they loved his performance in the show.

Several users gave the show a thumbs up. Many other users tweeted to the cast of the show and expressed how much they liked their performances. Check out their tweets below.

A number of users wrote that they watched the show because they were excited to watch Lamorne’s latest work. Numerous other netizens appreciated the show online and tweeted that they enjoyed watching the show a lot. Check out their tweets below.

However, there were some netizens who expressed that they were expecting more from the trailer in terms of the script. There were some users who wrote that the show is average and they could not understand some of the plot points in the show. Check out their tweets below.

On another note, Rotten Tomatoes has also released its rating for the Woke web series. The portal has given 74% critics rating and 90% audience score.

Plot of the show

The show is based on the cartoonist named Keef. He is on the verge of gaining success in his career, but an unexpected event changes his life. He starts seeing and hearing things that nobody else does. As everything around him gets a voice, he must navigate through the new ideas and opinions that are being presented to him.

Details about Woke Web series

Woke has been created by Keith Knight and is a television drama comedy. The series stars Lamorne Morris in the lead role and Blake Anderson, Sasheer Zamata and T Murph in pivotal roles. The show is available to watch on Hulu.

Image credits: A still from the trailer

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