Home News Vindu Dara Singh amid COVID 19: Depleted earnings have escalated anxiety levels

Vindu Dara Singh amid COVID 19: Depleted earnings have escalated anxiety levels



Vindu Dara Singh amid COVID-19: Depleted earnings have escalated anxiety levels

Bollywood and television actor Vindu Dara Singh on Sunday took to social media to talk about a serious concern saying people’s anxiety levels have escalated owing to their depleted income amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The actor says that while our earnings have depleted, we are having to pay our taxes and interest on bank loans, which has enhanced our anxiety levels.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Vindu Dara Singh wrote: “Text fatigue on twitter , insta , fb , whatsapp everywhere ,so many unread messages & late replies is it just me or nearly all of us ! Depleted earnings and all taxes & interest of all bank loans despite lockdowns has made the entire Indian anxiety levels escalate . #Staysafe.”

His tweet comes at a time when netizens are speculating whether a nationwide lockdown will be implemented once again owing to the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on India in its ongoing second wave.

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Commenting on the actor’s tweet, a user wrote: “Loans cannot be waived but additional penalties will be waived in case of complete lockdown.”

Replying to this, the “Bigg Boss” fame actor wrote: “True but when you can’t open a factory or business how can you pay salaries, rent and interest is the main issue . Lockdown is needed but with it must come some Insuarances of ease for the people who make this country run.”

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