Vaandu Movie Review


Vaandu reminds me of another film sketch from last year. Even though the sketch was a much better film than this (I can’t believe I’m typing this), the themes of both films are the same. The former focused on youngsters who go for thugs because they think it will be good. Similarly, in Vaandu, Veera wants to become a street fighter, inspired by her father Raja. But was later pushed into an altered position, due to injuries from his fight with Guna. Therefore, Veera has to face resistance to fight her mother on the road. However, he joins it, and also develops a rivalry with Guna’s son, Logu. The conflict between Veera and Logu is Vaandu main conflict.

The idea of ​​the film is (I’m guessing) not to spark a fight, but to use it only for self-defense. But the film really only talks about this in the last frame (like sketches, really). Until then, we are introduced to many characters, who have many scenes that make no difference from the important plot. For example, Aditya (who teaches Logue and Veera some kind of fighting skills) is in love with Aparna (Shiga). The first scene where we see Aparna is with a gang of girls. She is seen apologizing to one of them, while the other reprimands Aparna and leaves. What, why, for, we are not told until the end. It takes the most time to collapse.

In fact, it seems that the abbreviation given to most of the characters is – Aditya’s mother, Veera’s mother Guna, Logu. Veera has a gender-curious brother Kumar, who opposes being a virgin. This is a character that needs all the sensitivity it can get, but there is not much difference to the character’s conflict or the narrative in the story. Veera him even after becoming a virgin. She calls it ‘Da’. It also has Aditya’s aunt who sells drugs for survival and also consumes some. He again does not mind the film. I understand that you want to show a holistic perspective of a particular community, but if you are not going beyond the surface, why choose them?

ProducerVashan shaji,DATO N. Muniyandi, E.Mathi
DirectorVashan shaji
Release Date08 Feb, 2019

The performances are not sufficiently reassuring to us to confirm how we might even buy such a script. Aditya refers to a kick as a straight punch. Speaking of which, no one packs action sequences. Cinematography does not help either. Vaandu seems like a small film that has been shot on a small budget. I think the film has a sepia tone which is probably an attempt to make the film gritty. Well, only if we all achieved what we set out to do.

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