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Twinkle Khanna relives her childhood days as daughter Nitara reaches for raw mango| PIC


Twinkle Khanna relives her childhood days as Nitara reaches for a raw mango

Actress and author Twinkle Khanna is an avid social media user. She loves to treat her fans with some interesting and amazing posts. The actress is known to make her viewers laugh with her witty statements and sarcasm through her tweets and blog posts. Now, she is back with another impressive post on summer fruit ‘mango’ and her childhood memories associated with it. Twinkle took to her Instagram and summed up a few of her memories revolving around mangoes while sharing a picture of daughter Nitara, who reach out to a raw mango.

Sharing the photo, Twinkle wrote, “A childhood wrapped up in mangoes. From the fresh Kairi sliced and sprinkled with salt and chilli to the abundance of its wondrous, tangy yellow pulp. A memory of tart flavours followed by a gulp of water, the aftertaste as fresh as spring water. A decade underlined by the arrival of wooden crates filled with Dasheri, Chausa and Langra.” 

“I wonder if there was a yellow stain on the corners of the mouth that lasted from April to June? Looking at her hands reaching out, grasping sunshine and sugar captured in paisley patterns, I relive all my past summers,” she added.

Take a look:

Twinkle often shares pictures with Nitara. Earlier, has shared a pic with Nitara, along with a wise thought on how ‘parenting’ is different from being a parent’. The actress shared an adorable black and white picture with her daughter as she explains parenting. In the photo, the Twinkle can be seen cuddling her little baby girl. 

“Being a parent differs from parenting. Nouns are passive. It is enough to merely exist. Parenting, a verb, denotes an action, and this one comes without instruction manuals. Sometimes I wonder about the incongruity of needing a license to navigate a moped down the street, but no tests, no preparation, for steering these little creatures we produce down the right path,” she wrote.

On the professional front, Twinkle worked in movies for almost a decade before quitting it. She had given several hit films including Barsaat, Mela and Baadshah back in the day. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar‘s wife is a celebrated columnist and the author of bestselling books such as Pyjamas are Forgiving, The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad and Mrs Funnybones.

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