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These 3 things Kareena Kapoor Khan takes with her to bed, Saif Ali Khan, a bottle of wine & …


These 3 things Kareena Kapoor Khan takes with her to bed, Saif Ali Khan, a bottle of wine & …

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan is a proud mother of two sons. She welcomed her second baby boy in February. The actress will be seen on a cooking show ‘Star VS Food’ and will be revealing a lot of secrets. Kareena shared that during both her pregnancies, she had food cravings for a particular dish. The actress craved for pizza and pasta most during her pregnancy. Not just this, Bebo also spilled beans about her bedroom secret. 

Kareena shot for a special episode in which she will be seen baking a pizza from scratch. “So, basically like through the pregnancy, I had, it was just like a constant craving for pizzas and pastas. It was just weird throughout, both my boys,” Kareena said. 

When asked who in her family is in charge of the kitchen, Bebo said, “Taimur and Saif love it; they love being in the kitchen and I am kind of the in charge of the music. They like to listen to nice jazz music.” She added, “Every time we sit at a table, I feel like we are one of those old Italian family, we are screaming. We are eating, drinking, laughing because food is something that should bring joy to you.”

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In the show, Kareena will also be heard opening up about those three things that she takes to her bed before going off to sleep. And, Yes, Saif is part of those three things. Revealing them, Kareena in a quirky manner said, “A Wine Bottle, Pajamas, and Saif Ali Khan.” 

Earlier, the actress had shared the teaser of the show. Posting the teaser on Instagram, Kareena wrote, “Anyone who knows the Kapoor clan, knows how much we love to eat! I’m excited to finally be able to share a sneak peek at @discoveryplusin’s #StarVsFood. It was love at first bite for me creating the mouthwatering pizza. Thank you Chef Sarita Pereira for your patience! You were amazing!”

Take a look:

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