The Kapil Sharma Show preview: Ajay-Atul to share their musical journey


This Sunday is going to be a special episode on The Kapil Sharma Show. Musician-duo Ajay and Atul will grace the stage to talk about their journey. They will also be seen performing and Kapil Sharma, who is an enthusiastic singer, will join them as well.

The duo will share that they were always interested in music. A fan of Lakshmikant Pyaarelal ji, they would always wonder how songs were made. They would compose tunes for poems and get their classmates to sing the same. That’s how they started their musical journey.

Ajay will also talk about the misconception that the brothers had regarding the profession. He will share that they believed that a music director needs to own all instruments and know how to play each one of them. Atul will also reveal that they even thought the entire team lived in the same building and worked together all the time.

ajay atul, the kapil sharma show

Atul will further share that they actually decided to learn to play all instruments. However, since they did not own a lot of them, the brothers would create the sound through their mouths. He will share that while he used to sing the lyrics, Ajay would give the background rhythm. This made the brothers never miss having any instruments, and also gave them a unique way of presenting their music to filmmakers.

The Kapil Sharma Show airs on weekends, 9:30 pm on Sony TV.

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