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Splitsvilla 13 Shivam-Riya or Jay-Aditi, who’ll get dumped this week in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha’s show?

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Splitsvilla X3: Shivam-Riya or Jay-Aditi, who’ll get dumped this week in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha’s show?

MTV Splitsvilla X3 and drama go hand in hand, and evidently so since the last week witnessed a crazy show by the wild card entries – Devashish and Sapna. And as part of the secret task given by Nikhil Chinapa, Sapna aced it! With wins also comes advantages, and sportingly competitive Sapna is ready to do whatever it takes to be in the ‘Gold Villa’. This week, she gets an advantage to perform in the next Golden Opportunity Challenge with a guy of her choice, and if they win, they will secure a direct place in the Gold Villa. Who will Sapna choose- Samathya or Dhruv? 

In this week’s episode, Rannvijay Singha introduces the Golden Opportunity Task – “Dil Badlu” where Sapna and her chosen partner will compete with a Silver Villa couple and one couple from Gold and Silver villa will be helping the contenders respectively. Sapna challenges Samruddhi-Trevon for this challenge and asks Kat-Kevin to perform with them. Samruddhi-Trevon are seen choosing Samarthya-Nikita for helping them win this task. The winners of the task get to appeal to the Oracle for an ideal match. We smell some action with two ex-Roadies performing together.

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Will they slay away the glory or will it be the other way round? Keep an eye on this weekend to know it all.

This week will also feature the dome session where a lot of arguments will be seen amongst the two groups. While Team Shivam is standing strong with the close knit people, Team Kevin has started facing internal war and brunt. Dome session calls for an Ideal match and if The Oracle announces a couple as an ideal match, the couple they voted for, goes home. Intriguing enough!? Will Splitsvilla X3 see its first ideal match? If Kat-Kevin go to the oracle, then the sword is hanging on Shivam-Riya and Jay-Aditi’s necks. What happens, only time will be able to tell now.

India Tv - Splitsvilla 13 task

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Splitsvilla 13 task

Staying in Gold-villa means having a commitment, but this dome session will witness a rift between Nikhil and Avantika and our beloved hosts, Sunny and Rannvijay remind them if they can’t reach a mutual decision, they might as well leave the Golden Villa. Will they be seen resolving their issues or move to Silver Villa? Also, all the Vyomesh-Arushi fans, this week has a cute little surprise in store for you. 

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