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Palash Sen raises voice against YouTube: System corrupting artists, forcing them to buy fake views

Euphoria’s face, singer and performer Palash Sen is upset as he feels the video-sharing platform YouTube is not letting his songs reach the audience. The popular 90s Indie band recently released a song called “Ladaaii,” which speaks about India’s fight against coronavirus pandemic and how the musicians, who are considered ‘non-essentials’, are doing their bit by entertaining the listeners during these difficult times.

In the song, Palash Sen is heard singing “Abhi khatam nai ladaii, abhi khatam nahi ho tum, abhi khatam nahi hoon main;” in the video, we see people holding placards reflecting different emotions. One of the placards read #IndiaForIndie, a petition filed by the “Maeri” singer to support Indie musicians of the country.

“Ladaii” released on August 18 but has managed to garner only 63,740 views, seven thousand likes so far. Palash, in a video shared on Euphoria’s Instagram handle, said the views on the video were around 70K earlier. He accused YouTube of not supporting Euphoria and their songs.

“I asked a few people in my circle about what I can do with regard to the YouTube views. They asked me to buy paid commercials from YouTube. We sent a request but it was refused because they said the song is based on sensitive events. What are these sensitive events? I made an inspirational song. It is a song for everyone who has been feeling low during these testing times,” the singer said.

Palash added that it is not the first time when YouTube has refused to support Euphoria’s songs. “I guess YouTube has a problem with us. Our songs are not recommended/suggested. People don’t even know we have a YouTube channel. I have been ignoring it for a long time, thinking that maybe we are not good enough. But when people listen to us after years, they ask us why we did not hear a particular track before. So, this is a problem,” the singer said.

Palash said that while he does not care much about the views, it is the message, the thought in the song that he wants the people to hear. He accused the viewing platform for corrupting the artists.

“Views are not important, the thought is. The petition (India For Indie) we have raised, we need support for it, which we are not getting. I have no support. I don’t have a television or radio. I had digital space to explore but even that is being taken away from me. Till when should I fight? The petition is for artists like us. If Euphoria is facing such problems, what will happen to the newer generation? They will have to buy fake views and become popular. So basically, it is the system that is corrupting the artists.”

Palash Sen said that so far, the musicians have been supporting people by giving them music but it is time for the people to stand for their musicians. “I am tired. What should I do to promote the thought? The musicians need your support just as they have supported you in your good and bad times. But if the voice won’t reach anyone, how will it get promoted? This is a long journey, a long fight. Enough is enough,” Sen concluded.

YouTube has not yet responded to the musician’s allegations.

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