Nannarasi Radhe: Nannarasi Radhe: Agastya goes in search of his mother

Kannada daily soap, Nannarasi Radhe, which premiered a few weeks ago the lockdown was imposed, has indeed been entertaining the viewers to the show. The show, that narrates the story of a chirpy girl has recently introduced a new twist in the storyline.

While Inchara makes a promise to marry the groom that Sunitha selects and never to talk again with Agasthya, she meets the groom’s family and comes clean about her failed education and the profession that was built with lies and insults.

On the other hand, Lavanya and Shravan inform Agasthya about Narayana Swamy’s change of mind and reveals that he can return to the USA soon. To their shock, Agasthya discloses that he has reconsidered his plan of returning to the States to search his mother.

The following day, Agasthya and Shreya head to the travel agency to figure out the place to which Inchara had been.

Furthermore, Agasthya reaches Inchara’s house and tries to make her reveal the truth by enticing her. Enraged by Agasthya’s act, Inchara kicks him out of the house and informs him about her wedding with Rishab.

But a determined Agastya does not give up. Inchara’s plans to have a quiet date with her would-be husband goes for a toss when they run into Agasthya. However, Agasthya surprises the duo by revealing that he interrupted their date with intentions to have a private chat with Inchara.

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