Nammane Yuvarani: Nammane Yuvarani: Aniketh resolves his rift with Meera

Kannada daily show Nammane Yuvarani has got its viewers glued to the television with its interesting twists in the story. As per the latest update, Saaketh’s world comes to an end when Meera’s and Aniketh’s little secret is exposed. He loses his temper and is devastated to learn that Meera and Aniketh were pretending to be in love after Meera revealed the truth about her marriage.Saketh is further shocked when Aniket pleads him to let bygones be bygones and forgive them. After clearing the air with Saketh, Aniket decides to resolve his rift with Meera. He goes down on his knees and apologies to Meera for putting her in trouble by not understanding her love for him.

Meera’s happiness has no bounds when Aniketh makes a confession. She gets emotional, hugs him, and says that she really loves him. Aniketh too is overwhelmed as he finally gets the love of his life.

On the other hand, enraged by Aniket and Meera’s reunion, Namratha confronts Ahalya, and she confesses it is part of her plan to gain Meera’s trust, as she gloats her victory. Unaware of Ahalya’s intention, Meera concurs with Aniket that Ahalya’s efforts united them and expresses her gratitude to Ahalya.

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