Mohit Malik: Lockdown Ki Love Story is a refreshing lighthearted drama


While many television shows made the coronavirus pandemic a part of their narratives, Star Plus has launched a show on the current burning subject. Starring Mohit Malik and Sana Sayyad in the lead roles, Lockdown Ki Love Story will focus on the couple’s roller-coaster ride as they get holed up in the house along with their families. Having different cultures, tastes and lifestyle, the house turns into a battlefield, while the couple try hard to sustain their romance.

In an exclusive chat with, Mohit Malik talks about his new project, facing a pay-cut and his personal experience of the lockdown.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. Tell us something about your new show Lockdown Ki Love Story.

Lockdown Ki Love Story is a refreshing, fun filled and lighthearted drama based on a couple’s marriage turmoil during the lockdown. It is a concept which has never been explored before. It’s something relevant during the lockdown, and also an absolute entertainer which will make people cry, laugh, love and feel good at all times.

Q. It was reported that you learnt Allahabadi dialect for the show. How important is it for you as an actor to bring certain nuances to your characters?

Yes, to fit into the skin of my character I did learn the Allahabadi language. I initially spoke to a friend who hails from that place, to get a command over the language. I also spoke to a few directors on my set who are from that province to try and learn their style of speaking, pronouncing words and getting the accent right. I feel that as an actor these small details and nuances must be taken care of to get into the skin of the character. It’s only then that you start living the character and that’s when the true essence of the role is showcased on screen.

Q. While many shows take inspiration from current affairs, we haven’t really seen a show completely based on it. Do you think this would help people connect more with the show?

It depends on how the content is created and put out for the audience. It’s important to also keep them entertained and get them on the edge of their seats. I feel, at the end of the day, be it any topic or story, what’s most important is how it’s portrayed, and how interesting it turns out to be. That helps in forming a connect with the viewers, and eventually keep the show running.

Q. How much of reference will we see when it comes to safety measures and protocols?

That depends on the course the show takes, and how the creative team plans to incorporate that bit into the storyline.

Q. We are hopeful the situation gets back to normal soon. Will the show’s storyline change its direction then?

Again this is something that is too early to speak about, and this call will entirely be taken by the creative team and our directors.

Q. A lot has been said about pay-cuts in the industry. Did you also face the brunt? And as an actor what’s your take on it?

Yes, I too faced a pay-cut but looking at the current situation I felt it was okay to move ahead with it for now. Honestly, the industry is still getting back up on its feet and these things are the need of the hour. I did my bit by accepting it so that everyone can get back to regular work.

Q. During the lockdown, all of us somewhere introspected about our lives and needs. What has been your biggest learning from the past few months?

The lockdown was definitely a time of introspection and internal thinking for me. There were so many aspects I looked at working on myself through that phase. Since I had just completed my last show (Kulfi Kumar Bajewala) before the lockdown came into action, I used the period to completely refresh and rejuvenate myself to start afresh.

Q. After years, couples managed to spend time together 24×7. How was your personal love story during the lockdown?

It was great spending quality time with Addite through the lockdown. We really got to rejuvenate ourselves, and catch up on so many things at home which earlier was a bit tough due to our work schedules. We enjoyed this time together at home and truly made the most of it.

Lockdown Ki Love Story also stars Vijay Tyagi, Jayati Bhatia, Deepika Upadhyay, Asutosh Tiwari, Rakesh Kukreti, Kashish Duggal, Ananya Khare, Nazea Hasan among more. It airs Monday-Friday at 7PM on Star Plus.

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