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Mahika Sharma On Online Trolls: They Assume I’m Holidaying In London With Danny D

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It has to be recalled that FIR actress Mahika Sharma and British adult film star Danny D at one point in time were supposed to participate in the 12th season of Bigg Boss. It was also said that they were paid a hefty amount to come on board as ‘Vichitra Jodi’ but later decided to not to be a part of the Colors’ show.

And now Mahika has revealed that ever since her closeness to Danny became public knowledge, she has been mentally harassed and trolled online.

Mahika Sharma

The Times of India quoted Mahika as saying, “I’m stuck here in London due to lockdown and the rules enforced by both countries for travel during this time. But many people troll me and assume that I’m holidaying here with my friend Danny D. Which isn’t true! And even if I am living with him, it is should not concern anyone else, as it’s my life. I feel mentally tortured about this situation. We are already suffering from so much negativity all around due to COVID19, on top of it people should not create such situation on social media.”

She went on to add, “Earlier when media reported about Danny and I being in a relationship, people made fun of our friendship and asked if I was turning into a porn star. Not only me, but even my mother was questioned. The society created a very bad situation. And funny part is that people are more concerned about his money, as he earns well. They advised my mother that I should not put my character in question just because of the money”.

Mahika, who recently had to turn down the offer to participate in Bigg Boss 14, concluded by stating, “I just feel people should stop bothering others unnecessarily. It is really bad when a group of people get together, call themselves ‘the society’ and keep ruining others’ lives with their verbal harassment.”

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