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‘Lupin’ tops Netflix’s viewership charts for first quarter of 2021


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‘Lupin’ tops Netflix’s viewership charts for first quarter of 2021

The French heist drama titled ‘Lupin’ recently became the most-watched title on Netflix’s viewership charts in the first three months of 2021. The streamer said that 76-million-member accounts worldwide watched at least a couple of minutes of the series, over its first four weeks of release. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s a slight upward revision from Netflix’s initial projection of 70 million views, made less than two weeks after its January 8 debut. The company’s viewing metric counts two minutes of viewing time of a series or movie as long enough to show “the choice was intentional,” as the streamer puts it as a view.

The 76 million figure is one of the biggest raw view counts ever for a Netflix series. Only ‘Bridgerton’ with 82 million views and ‘The Witcher’ with 76 million have matched or bested it since the streamer switched to its two-minute view standard in late 2019.

Netflix had 207.64 million subscribers in the first quarter, meaning about 36.6 percent of member accounts worldwide viewed ‘Lupin’. The subscriber growth puts it a little behind ‘The Witcher’ by 45 percent and ‘Bridgerton’ by 40.3 percent in terms of the fraction of subscribers who checked out the show. Also, other series highlighted in Netflix’s quarterly report included ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ with 57 million views and Mexican thriller ‘Who Killed Sara?’ with 55 million views.

Big numbers were also racked by feature films like ‘Yes Day’ and ‘Outside the Wire’. The most-watched movies of the quarter spanned a diverse group.

‘Outside the Wire’, a sci-fi action movie starring Anthony Mackie as an android officer who works with a drone pilot (Damson Idris) to stop a global catastrophe, topped the list with 66 million views in the four weeks after its January release. As per The Hollywood Reporter among February offerings, black comedy ‘I Care a Lot’, starring Rosamund Pike as a con artist, boasted 56 million views, while threequel ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’ drew 51 million views.

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