Lootcase (2020) Movie Review


Director of the printing press, Nandan Kumar (Kunal Kemmu) lives in a chawl in a one-room apartment with some of his nosy wife Lata (Rasika Dugal) and son Ayush (Aryan Prajapati). They are happy in their own small world, even if not from any class. Once, while returning from a late-night shift, Nandan stumbles upon a suitcase full of money – 10 khokha – ten crores to be exact. He has never seen so much money in his life and does not know what to do with it. The suitcase becomes his kind of confidant. He starts talking to her, bare her inner dreams and desires, as well as her fears. He is not aware that along with the money, there is a file in the suitcase, which contains damaging evidence against a lot of powerful people. As a result, a lot of shadowy elements are searching for suitcases. They include a nat-geo-loving mafia don (Vijay Raj) and his goons, a corrupt politician (Gajraj Rao) and an encounter specialist cop (Ranveer Shourie). Such individual individuals cross the path to scramble.

Lootcase is a satire about greed. About the greed for money. About the power associated with it. Kunal Kemmu is a quintessential common man who does not know what to do with the money that has really come in his bag. He can’t stop thinking about it and can’t even stop worrying about it. He does not have a corrupt bone, but still should not hand it over to the police, as he should have done. The film revolves around the changes he experiences as the suitcase handles his life. He can’t help but sympathize with her as he slowly begins to lose his intelligence. His stingy wife Lata (Rasika Dugal) is not merely a one-dimensional character either. She loves non-veg innocents thrown at her husband and does not play when she talks about sex.

The film’s real triumph is with the bizarre characters in it. Perhaps the funniest character in the film is the nature-lover Don Bala Rathore (Vijay Raj), who throws obscene knowledge from wildlife channels on his flirtatious Meenu Rajan (Nilesh Vivek) and graduate (Akash Dabade) and remains happy. By nature, they finally find the courage to double-cross him. He sets it off as something that was in the natural order of things. Ranveer Shorey is portrayed as a cop with constant changing sentiments, who lives in a sealed crime scene. This is something unique, fine and Gajraj Rao is presented as a soft-spoken politician who is able to work through threats with harmless chatter.

Lootcase Guy is a tribute to the kind of Richie films. But this is not the lock stock and two smoking barrels. Although it tries a lot to happen. But the screenplay just isn’t enough to touch that elevated standard. Furthermore, this could have been done with less screen-time. It would have been better as an hour and a half film. Over two hours, it drags.

Kunal Kemmu has adapted the comedy into his role and shined in his role doing everything that was needed more than him. Rasika Duggal is gleaming. The rest of the cast members have also made their mark. Lootcase is a light satire that will definitely make you smile. This is the perfect OTT fodder. You can shine in some parts and still enjoy it.

Trailer : Lootcase