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‘Little Chi Chi’ of Dance Deewane 3 gets sponsor for education


‘Little Chi Chi’ of Dance Deewane 3 gets sponsor for education

Dance Deewane 3 contestant Aman has earned the sobriquet of Little Chi Chi — or Govinda — in a short time owing to his lightning moves. While the young contestant from Ranchi has been impressing all, he now has a fan who is ready to sponsor his education. Little Chi Chi, who dreams of being a successful dancer, has said that he also wishes to study further.

In a new episode, a 72-year-old businessman named Paresh Shantilal Shah, is seen promising to sponsor Aman’s education as well as dance career. It seems Shah is not only impressed by Aman’s dancing skills but he also felt strongly about the budding dancer’s dream.

So, he requested the team of the Colors show to arrange a video call with Aman after his recent performance to make the announcement.

The show is hosted by Raghav Juyal who enjoys a huge popularity among the viewers. Opening up about his journey from a reality show to Bollywood, he revealed he loves what he does and makes things playful because he does not like being too serious.

“The journey is on right now. As an actor I am very initial and I am doing a lot of things. As a host, it has been several years for me but I am enjoying the process and the journey. I love what I do and I make it playful. I think that is the best part about me. I don’t stay serious much. I don’t take things seriously,” Raghav told IANS.

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