Krishnakoli: Nikhil eagerly waits for Shyama’s show

Krishnakoli is awaiting a big twist ahead. According to an advertisement, Shyama’s show will be held soon. Both her well-wishers and enemies are eagerly waiting for it.Meanwhile, in the latest episode, Amrapali packs her bags and says she will stay in the guest room. Nikhil realises her situation and tries to stop her. An emotional Amrapali speaks her heart out and mentions that she wanted to help Nikhil in his quest but eventually fell in love.

Disha and Ashok discuss Shyama’s show. Disha asks him to stay alert and find out whether it is a trap. Ashok says he will kill Arun and Shyama. When Disha says it might be Nikhil’s plan, Ashok mentions that under such circumstances, he will have to kill his brother too.

Nikhil shows the map of the auditorium to his dad. He talks about all the gates through which the enemies might enter. Ashok listens to this and hatches a plan to kill Shyama.

Sujata says she will attend the show but Nikhil asks her to stay at home. Sujata breaks down while Amrapali consoles her. Nikhil also asks Amrapali to stay at home since her life is also under threat. Disha joins the discussion and asks Amrapali to stay at home.

The man appointed by Ashok informs that Shyama is having a stage rehearsal. This leaves Disha and Ashok perplexed.

Nikhil, Basanta, Alok reach the auditorium, Ashok also comes. A man gives Ashok a gun. Basanta, Nikhil eagerly wait for Shyama to enter the stage.

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