Khuda Haafiz (2020) Movie Review


Vidyut Jamwal, the lead figure of Khuda Haafiz, is known for his top action and the parts where the film really comes alive when Vidyut gets away from his common man’s identity and a changing angel on the lines of Liam Neeson from Taken becomes. Since Vidyut is playing the role of a software engineer and not an army commando, the action has a toned-down, non-professional quality. Given his persistence for the right moves, it was difficult to achieve. The sequence we liked best was an Old Boy inspired fight scene inside a large house, where they showed everyone staggering in sight. In another scene, he fights Nawab Shah’s character by randomly throwing forks, knives and chili powder. In fact, the film’s best stylistic battle sequence is between Shiva Pandit and Ahana Kumra.

Khuda Haafiz is said to be inspired by true events. Lucknow boy Sameer Chaudhary (Vidyut Jamwal) marries the girl of Nargis Rajput (Shivaleka Oberoi), daughter of his Hindu parents. It is a traditional match but they soon find love and commitment. Their happy world crashes when both of them lose their jobs during the 2008 recession. When they decide to seek employment in the fictional country, the Sultanate of Noman. She first arrives there and soon Sameer gets a phone call from his wife, indicating that he has been kidnapped. Sameer reaches Noman where he is helped by the Pathan cab driver (Annu Kapoor). He finds where his wife is but he is not able to ransom her. The Noman government hired two Gang-ho police, Faiz Abu Malik (Shiva Pandit) and Tamanna Hamid (Ahana Kumra), to help them. Many liars later, he is finally able to uncover the secret and save his beloved wife.

Noman is a strange country where almost everyone knows Hindi. Shiva Pandit and Ahana Kumra play roles in the local police and their Arabic accent varies with every frame. Thankfully, after a while, he started supporting Hindi. Annu Kapoor is an Afghan taxi-driver who carries on his business in Noman and he certainly considers his Pathan accent credible. We do not understand why Sivaleka Oberoi receives so little dialogue. She disappears soon after the wedding and we only get a glimpse of her in the rest of the film. The emotional engagement between her and her husband is not well played and therefore you are not rooted for her character. We do not know him at all. Nor do we know about the past of electricity. Electricity gets at least to show his concern over his lost wife. But his side is not shown at all in the story.

Khuda Haafiz really had the potential to become an action-filled romance cracker. But patch writing has lessened its impact. The only thing that works here, as previously stated, is the power of electricity as an action star. Watch the film for some well-crafted pieces and you are not disappointed…

Trailer : Khuda Haafiz