Kaappaan Movie Review


Kaappaan movie review: We never truly get a sense of why things happen the way it happens on the screen.

Kaappaan movie cast: Suriya, Mohanlal, Arya, Sayyeshaa, Boman Irani
Kaappaan movie director: KV Anand
Kaappaan movie rating: 1 star

Take a sample of this. Prime Minister of India Chandrakant Verma (Mohanlal) asks a group of delegates present at a meeting questions related to ‘Prem’ and Chand Vivah ‘where he is going to discuss international relations. Again, the same Chandrakant Verma sneaks into the private space of his security guard Kathir (Suriya) and becomes curious about his love life.

Cut back to the opening scene of Katappan. You see Surya in a moving train, planting a bomb. Then, you get a flashback part of his character Kathir. All the responsible heroes are engaged only in organic farming. So does Kathir. I don’t know that Tamil cinema is desperate to show why it is such a good work. Gradually, you find something else for Kathir that converts the pope into green manure. (No, I am not exaggerating; it is what it is).

KV Anand’s Kappan is deeply disappointed as to how this review is read. Nobody knows why a character behaves in a specific way. Chandrakant’s son Abhishek (Arya) along with his father will be present carelessly in official meetings.

Kappan’s characters barely do anything meaningful. Of course, the film should have a commercial outing: stunts, giddy comedy and faux romance.

Kathir leaves a note in place of Anjali who says:! Thank you for a memorable night! ‘And, Kathir’s friend Joseph (Samuthirakani) tells her, “When a woman says she does nothing, it really means it.” “Kappan has lazyly written characters that lack seriousness, and proves to be a key dampener.

Another problem with Kappan is the complete lack of dramatic tension. After a point, it is numb to the director’s convenience to prepare for another position. The film’s narrative is insincere and defies logic.

KV Anand filled his film with props, attempting to create that elusive real atmosphere in his never ending endeavor. But the film is full of artificiality. Everything looks synthetic: Mohanlal’s way of speaking, Suriya-Sayyesha romance, etc.

The film also stars Boman Irani, Samuthirakani, Poorna and Uma Padmanabhan. But they all march in and out of the screen like a badly staged school drama. You don’t understand their intentions, and things get increasingly bizarre.

We never have any idea why this happens on screen. If you are for Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, you are there to break some serious hearts, trust me. Even a good actor of his stature gets lost in a sloppy film.

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