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Joker Movie Review

Joker Movie Review

Joker movie review: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is a garden-variety villain born out of Hollywood’s usual spawn of abuse and society’s callousness.

Joker movie cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy
Joker movie director: Todd Phillips
Joker movie rating: 2.5 stars

How do you top one of the greatest villains of all time, which even the academy cannot ignore? This is definitely not this clown, with Joaquin Phoenix putting all the weight of his acting and, frankly, a little bit of his physical mass into it. While Heath Ledger’s Joker was pure evil, dripping with every crack of his baked make-up, every trace of his perverted grin, and every trace of his pink tongue, Phoenix’s Joker is a garden-type villain who is a Hollywood general. Is born out of spawn. Call of abuse and society. In this original story, the Joker has no spark to follow.

Comedians are some of the most unhappy people in the world who are now an accepted and easy truism. And there is almost nothing sunny about the life of Arthur Flake (Phoenix). He works at a run-down laughter club, where people are not very good for him; He thrashes regularly, beating the worst; He lives in a building, which is molded on the walls; And he returns every night to the ailing mother (Conroy), who is quick to cook, carry and bathe him (sound familiar?). The only thing about his day is a nightly chat show he and his mother watch, where stand-up comic Murray Franklin (De Niro) jokes and hosts star crack guests. Arthur, who carries around a battered magazine where he breaks down on equal ideas and poor jokes, sees himself as another Murray Franklin.

It is clear the dream of a fool, including his mother, in the film Arthur is not given a real joke. It could have been a story about the cost of the death of dreams. It is not

He is a man of Arthur’s mental health, restless to his co-workers, who has spent time in a facility, meets a counselor, and who is on seven different drugs, the obvious. That his mother ignores all this too. It could have been a story of descending into madness. It is not, as the film cannot decide, whether he wants Arthur to be indiscriminately murdered for killing him indiscriminately, or simply for killing those who fail his fairly obvious moral test.

That Arthur leans towards rare people sympathetic to him (mostly black, or otherwise marginalized), including a beautiful young mother (Beetz) in his rare building. It may contain a story about two mothers, two relationships. , And what is wished for is genuine. It is not

That there is a connection between Arthur and Thomas Wayne of Wayne Enterprises is one of the film’s most interesting suggestions – essentially tying the Joker and Batman’s destiny. Do you think the film will benefit the most from it. It is not

Todd Phillips, along with director and co-writer Scott Silver, best known for hangover films, try all of the above, hoping that something will stick. In addition to Phoenix, there is much more to the Phillies – anticipatory etiquette in the form of Ledger, brief manners of Martin Scorsese, and inspiration from Scorssey’s brand of hero who lives on the sidelines (De Niro himself played one such wannabe stand – in the king of comedy). Merely, the Joker seems to confuse being on the sidelines as being fangs.

Phoenix is ​​the embodiment of nervous, anorexic energy in his role. He doesn’t just act with his face – with or without clown paint. He works with his entire body, his ribs sticking out, his back unusually bulging, his legs bending away from him, his feet slipping from under him, his arms fluttering. Unlike the film, there is nothing linear about him, as much as he tries to shield himself for its uniqueness, completely obliterated.

It is like an extended joke without a punchline – one in which Arthur includes a real “situation” that he cannot laugh at; And one that involved a kiss forcibly laughing through an elderly woman on live TV, the follow-up that imposed on who sits.

Worse, the joke may actually be on film. In The Dark Knight, Ledger’s Joker explains that it takes very little time to elevate the world – all one has to do is “introduce a little chaos”, disturbing the system’s well-crafted “plans”. The Joker 2019, based in Gotham City of a distant past, brings “mice” out of the sewers with a garbage strike (no, there’s no embedded joke), also gives a shot at politics – the pranks , Revolting against the arms of the system, and therefore relying on Arthur’s violence.

The Dark Knight would be on such a black and blond face; Its clowns knew what he did, where he made the revelations and where he dragged Batman down. Also, isn’t this the wrong time to draw a wrong analogy? I thought we had one in the White House these days.

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