Jensen Ackles reveals he ‘begged & pleaded’ to walk away with THIS ‘Supernatural’ prop


Supernatural is soon going to bid adieu to its fans. Ahead of the show’s conclusion, Jensen Ackles a.k.a. Dean Winchester revealed what prop from the show will he be taking home. His on-screen brother Jared Padalecki also spoke about the same in an interview.

Jensen Ackles reveals what ‘Supernatural’ prop he will be taking home

Supernatural is one of the most-loved horror-thriller shows. The show first debuted on CW in 2005. Since then the show has received a special place in pop culture. Unfortunately, Supernatural will be going off-air soon after Season 15’s conclusion.

Ahead of the show’s final episode, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki revealed which of the show’s prop or props they will be taking home after Supernatural’s conclusion. In this interview with Digital Spy, Ackles revealed that he will be taking something from the Supernatural set for sure and added that he has had his eye on the prop since day one of the show’s shoot.

Breaking the suspense around this prop, Jensen Ackles revealed that he will be taking home Dean Winchester’s iconic car, the Impala. Dean’s black 1967 Chevrolet Impala has been a major part of his life. The car has saved the Winchester brothers from many situations and also added an edge to Dean’s character.

While talking about the same, Jensen Ackles revealed that he is not stealing the car but he has rather taken permission from the producers to keep the car after the show’s finale. Ackles added that he has “begged and begged and pleaded for years” for the car and finally this year they allowed him to do so.

Moving on, Jensen Ackles on-screen brother Jared Padalecki a.k.a. Sam Winchester also talked about the props he will be walking away with. Jared said that he has a “few trinkets here and there” that he will be taking home. But while talking about the same, the junior Winchester did not reveal that these props are.

While making this revelation the Supernatural star added that the production will not notice these trinkets and hence they will stay with him forever. Jared Padalecki added that he was planning to steal Men of Letter’s bunker but he did not go ahead with his plan since it did not fit in his car. Although the on-screen brothers talked about these props, they made sure not to reveal any major spoilers about Supernatural Season 15.

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