Is Lisa leaving Hollyoaks? Learn about the character’s fate on the show


Hollyoaks is one of the oldest and longest-running British soap opera shows. The drama show was first aired on Channel 4 in October 1995. So far the show has had 20 seasons and still remains a fan favourite to this day.

The programme is set in the backdrop of a fictional village named “Hollyoaks”. One of the major reasons for the show’s long success is the fact that it has kept evolving with time. In almost every season, the creators of Hollyoaks covered many taboo subjects which were rarely seen on British television.

One of the most loved cast members on Hollyoaks is Lisa Loveday. But, recently reports have surfaced that the actor playing Lisa on Hollyoaks is going to leave the show. Find out “Is Lisa leaving Hollyoaks?”

Is Lisa leaving Hollyoaks?

Lisa Loveday is portrayed by actor Rachel Adedeji. In an exclusive statement given to The Sun in June 2020, the spokesperson of Hollyoaks claimed that Rachel who played Lisa Loveday on the show had decided to quit the show in order to pursue other opportunities. However, the notice period given to the show, allowed its writers to create an ending for the character. Before leaving the soap opera show, Rachel Adedeji had taken to her Twitter to slam Hollyoaks for its ‘disappointing’ stance on the Black Lives Matter movement. She also accused the show of practising racism behind the scenes.

Lisa Loveday’s last scene on Hollyoaks was filmed before quarantine started and will be airing in September 2020. Lisa, who is a shop assistant on the show, will be seen for the last time this week after she locks horns with her secret lover Felix Westwood. Felix has been cheating on her and is seeing Martine behind Lisa’s back.

Who does Toby Kill?

Lisa Loveday was killed in one of the most brutal manners on Hollyoaks. She was beaten to death under her bed covers. Toby went on a rampage and wanted to kill the newly married Mitchell. He came to Mitchell’s hotel room but little did he know that Mitchell and Lisa had swapped rooms. When Toby discovered that it was Lisa who he had bludgeoned to death he was horrified by what he had done. However, instead of owning up to his actions, he confessed them to his sister Celeste and she helped him cover it up.

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