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Hustlers Movie Review

Hustlers Movie Review

Hustlers movie review: The role of a sexy performer is perfect for Jennifer Lopez.

Hustlers movie cast: Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart
Hustlers movie director: Lorene Scafaria
Hustlers movie ratings: 3 stars

Hustlers have a moment when Lopez, her golden-brown skin bathed in neon light, draped in a short sequin g-string and a huge fur coat, is a leisurely smoke on the roof of a strip club. Enjoys, unbuttoning her clothes to nest a new girl in a jacket. This brief scene, hot and hot, all at the same time, could have been the film. About women who have twisted the rules of the game while holding each other.

The clip between Lopez’s Ramona and Wu’s Destiny slips, while we are breathless with the excitement of watching Lopez. It is a bold and unassuming performance as Ramona spins, climbs, slides, spins and almost flies around that steel, while the audience’s jaws drop and the dollars come in dollars. This role of the sexy actress is perfect for the actor with undeniable charisma. And Lopez owns the Hustlers from that moment on.

But the film is too timid to return leniency. Inspired by a New York magazine article about a group of strippers who managed to drive the people of Wall Street for a few years, the film, written and directed by Skefaria, wants its women to be “cons”, but all “right” “For reasons – a child support, a sick grandmother, an imprisoned fiance, an incompetent parent. There is nothing wrong with wishing them furs, pearls and diamonds, but if your talk is “greed bad”, especially like Wall Street, then the Louboutins with Lehman Brothers aren’t really okay.

The point is being emphasized, off and on, as we inevitably follow the destiny from the moment she makes her first hesitant move to that strip club, meeting the demands of men seemingly from the same soil Does, deducting almost nothing from her money as she shares an income with the club runners, when Ramona takes her under her wing and changes her fortunes. The moment of crisis in the film is the 2008 market collapse, throwing its customers around without cash and requiring girls to re-invent. By then a single mother, Niyati eventually arrives with Ramona’s plan to submerge the (really stupid) men’s girls into drinks and maximize their credit cards. They gamble that the men do not go to the police and do not participate for the longest time.

While hustlers are focused on women, especially behind the scenes at strip clubs, it is refreshing. The women are there with all their skin, breasts, buttocks, smart and warts, shown, bound together by an adventurous eye and an easy cupboard. While Cardi B shows, even, in her striking appearance, Lopez is the embodiment of energy, aspiration and confidence in that room.

When the story moves forward, to the plans and scattered men, a journalist puts the story together, and the woman reverses into money, but trying to explain it away as a necessary evil, it starts to become repetitive. And loses its beginning. Having destiny at its center does not help everyone. While Woo (Crazy Rich Asian) is good, a film like Hustlers needs a Ramona to shine. In addition, he has the best line of the film, whatever the politics behind it: “The whole country is a strip club. There are people bouncing money and dancing. ”

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