How I Met Your Mother ending explained: How did Ted finally meet his children’s mother?


How I Met Your Mother‘s finale episode aired on March 31, 2014. The show follows Ted Mosby telling his children how he finally met their mother after having met her on several close encounters over the years. The show had nine seasons and two endings. For those who are yet to grasp what happened in the finale episode, here is How I Met Your Mother ending explained.

How I Met Your Mother finale explained

How I Met Your Mother‘s finale episode had two parts which showed the snippets of what happened after Ted met the mother of his children, Tracy. Apparently, Lily and Marshal welcomed their third child while Ted and Barney and Robin got divorced. Ted also welcomed a child followed by the birth of Barney’s daughter. As Ted and Tracy finally tied the knot, Robin reconciled herself with her friends. Lily raised a toast to the group.

However, it was then revealed that Tracy had passed away in 2024 being terminally ill, that is six years before Ted telling his children the story. Hence, all this while that Ted was narrating the story, the Mother was actually dead. But when Ted finished his narration, the kids realised that Ted’s story mostly revolved around him and Robin and only in the end their mother made an appearance. They understood that Ted still loved Robin and only wanted to know how they would react to the idea of their father and Robin together. The children, Penny and Luke urged him to seek her out. Ted finally went after Robin and confessed his love for her.

How I Met Your Mother alternate ending

The alternate ending for How I Met Your Mother was added only in the DVD which was brought out later. However, it was leaked online a few years later. This ending followed the original storyline until Lily’s toast. After that, the scenes were changed showing how Ted and Tracy lived a happy life as the latter was terminally ill. Since Tracy was very alive in this ending, Robin and Ted’s story was also changed to hint that Robin lived a happy life with Barney instead.

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