His Dark Materials season 2 teaser: HBO fantasy series promises more action and Great War


A teaser for the second season of HBO’s His Dark Materials is out. Based on Philip Pullman’s popular series of the same name, His Dark Materials is set in a world like our own but it differs from ours in certain areas. For one, in our world, we do not have animal companions called daemons that are basically our soul’s incorporeal form.

An entity called The Magisterium rules the Holy Church and, through it, the faithful. The protagonist is Lyra (Logan’s Dafne Keen), who lives in Jordan College in the UK’s Oxford.

The sophomore season, if this teaser is anything to go by, promises to be more action-packed than the first one, and the clip, clocking at one minute and forty seconds, shows several set pieces. Oh, and we also get a glimpse at the Subtle Knife, which, in books, is so keen-edged that it can cut through the fabric of reality to create portals to and from different universes within the multiverse.

The first season was found to be slow by many who watched it, mainly because it had to set up a fantasy world that has rules that are quite a bit different from our own and works differently overall. It appears that the second season will have a faster pace.

His Dark Materials season 2 comes out in November.

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