Hansal Mehta seeks Remdesivir from fans for his COVID positive son, shares he has mild symptoms as well



Hansal Mehta seeks Remdesivir from fans for his COVID positive son, shares he has mild symptoms as well

The second wave of COVID-19 has badly hit the nation and has left people in tremendous need of beds, vaccines, oxygen cylinders, and injections. In the wake of the same, there are many who are black-marketing the drugs and the prices have gone six times higher. Amid this, director Hansal Mehta has taken to Twitter to seek help for his COVID-19 positive son Pallava. In his tweet, he informed fans about how he is in need of Remdesivir injections for his son who has low oxygen saturation. Not only this, but he even informed everyone how he has also developed mild symptoms of the infection and is awaiting his test results.

Taking to the micro-blogging website, Mehta known for films like ‘Shahid,’ ‘Simran,’ etc wrote, “Need help with procuring Remdesvir for my son Pallava who is Covid +ve and has low O2 saturation. Would appreciate leads.”

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As soon as he did the same, a lot of people including his friends and netizens came forward to help and shared details regarding where the drug might be available. Soon, the director deleted the tweet after the requirement was met and wrote, “Am overwhelmed that so many wonderful people reached out to help Pallava. Have deleted the tweet as his requirement is being met. Thank you so much for all the love. Keep him in your prayers. Love.”

On Wednesday, he informed everyone that he has developed mild symptoms of the virus. Hansal Mehta tweeted, “Looks like I’ve also got the virus. Throat, fever and other mild symptoms. Awaiting tests but treatment has begun. Will fight the damn virus.”

The director recently indulged in an ugly spat over Twitter with users after he made a tweet asking whether the Covid-19 situation in India was better or worse than that in Pakistan. There were many who asked him to move to Pakistan and one even gave him a one-way ticket to Pakistan via Dubai.

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