Ganagandharvan Movie Review


Ganagandharvan movie review: With Ganagandharvan, it feels like Ramesh Pisharody is trying to express solidarity with the #MenToo movement, a countermovement to #MeToo.

Ganagandharvan movie star cast: Mammootty, Manoj K Jayan, Mukesh
Ganagandharvan movie director: Ramesh Pisharody
Ganagandharvan movie rating: 0

Director Ramesh Pisharodi has the skeleton of a story to tell in his latest film, Ganagandharvan, which means The Celestial Singer. But, he wants to prove a point: there are also rotten apples among women.

The film’s premise is that some women misuse the law to punish innocent men. And, yes, it gives the filmmaker a huge scope to make a socially hard-working film. What happens when a woman falsely accuses a man of heinous crimes only to get revenge? What are the effects? Imagine the public humiliation his family would have to endure. What will be the man’s state of mind? What are the roles and responsibilities of the judiciary in such cases? A filmmaker can ask these serious questions and closely examine the emotional and physical costs that a wrongly accused man is forced to pay. But, Pisharodi has done nothing worthwhile due to his lazy, oblivious and even one-sided effort in handling such a sensitive subject. The film makes him feel like trying to express solidarity with the #MenToo movement, a counter-movement to #MeToo.

Kalakshaar Ullas (Mammootty), who works as a vocalist for a small-time orchestra group, is hands-on. He has given 26 years of his life to a music group that has not made much progress in life. He has a wife and a teenage daughter who are frustrated with their inability to provide a better life. He is stuck in his career and is desperate to catch a break. And then, he finally starts seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. His music band manager offered him the opportunity to go to the United States for a stage performance.

When things start to look up, euphoria puts everything at stake because of its weakness, which is kindness. As one character says in the end, euphoria will do anything to help a crying woman. It makes me wonder, will Glee jump off a cliff as a crying woman requests him to do so. The film is so full of old reasons that you feel like you are throwing up.

After a few twists and turns, Ullas marries Sandra, who is half his age, to help bring him to America. And he gets in trouble. At one point, Sandra gets angry at her and invites all classes related to female protection against her and plans to lock her up for good. And then the film slips into court scenes that are staged without any subtlety or sensitivity that is necessary to deal with such cases.

It is unclear why Mammoottywould do such an in-your-face, one-tone, and biased film that neither understands the true activism of men nor the plight of men who fall into the trap of some evil women Huh.