Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie Review


Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie review: Varun Tej, who holds our attention with his new makeover, looks confident and comfortable playing a criminal.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie cast: Varun Tej, Atharvaa, Pooja Hegde
Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie director: Harish Shankar
Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie rating: 2 stars

Valmiki Hey wait Scratch that Gadaldakonda Ganesh follows the life of a dreaded gangster named Gadaldakonda Ganesh (Varun Tej). The original Tamil film was about a cold-hearted gangster, Jigarthanda. The remake is about an extremely passionate gangster. Jigtaranda’s bridge was a culprit with choice and no regrets. But, in this film, Ganesh commits violence due to poverty. What’s worse, he could have been a good man living a middle class life, only if he was allowed to marry the love of his life, Sridevi (Pooja Hegde). It is the cold-hearted society that made him such a dangerous gangster. Do not know why Harish Shankar thought that he would have to whiten such an indelible and deeply flawed character. For once, he cannot embrace the faults of his hero, without trying to rationalize them? Or at least he could cast an actor who was willing to embrace the character’s darkness without worrying about his screen image.

A few days ago, Hollywood’s famous producer Norman Lear claimed that “some famous people” wanted to remake the 1987 classic The Princess Bride. Norman’s revelation led to a flood of discussions on social media. Everyone wanted to agree on one thing: remodeling the princess bride was a bad idea. There was no divided opinion on the subject and this is a rare case in the history of Twitter. Because it is a great pity to leave a few classic films alone which filmmakers can do for the art of filmmaking and the memories of fans.

One can only wish that director Harish Shankar ended his temptation to remake Karthik Subbaraj’s film Jigarthanda (2014). Harish has transformed an unusual meta-gangster film into a generic film masala film with dolls of mother’s feelings and romance. The inconsistent nature of Subbaraj’s approach that made Jigartanda an extraordinary film is much underestimated in favor of Varun Tej, the lead star of the Telugu remake.

Varun Tej, who takes care of us with his new change, looks confident and comfortable playing the role of a criminal. In romantic scenes, however, he looks awkward and uncertain. The extra love track messes up the original premise and makes the film feel longer. Atharva’s character fails to get its due importance as the entire film looks at Varun Tej’s height, weight and his transformation. Yes, we get it. Varun Tej looks amazingly stylish and his lewd laughter at places is a raga. But, a substanceless style is equivalent to a heart without a soul.

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