Flower Of Evil producer reveals what to expect from the last 5 episodes with Lee Joon Gi


Popular drama Flower of Evil will soon reach the end of the series with much fanfare. The drama is yet to give the answers to many questions and the viewers are curious about the culmination of the drama. Flower of Evil is about Lee Joon Gi’s character Do Hyun Soo and his mysterious past. Moon Chae Won’s character on the other side is trying her best to live beyond the scars, while fans continue to ask ‘will the two main characters find peace amid the ruckus in their life’. The show’s producers answered a few questions regarding the same.

Flower Of Evil plot response

Chief Producer of Flower of Evil that is Yoon Sang Won, revealed in an interview with a Korean media portal, Soompi, about the key turn of events that the final five episodes will unveil. He said in the interview that he is grateful about all the response that drama has been receiving. He said that storyline got tough with so many emotional and physically exhausting scenes to be essayed but the Flower Of Evil cast had a fun time essaying the role, as per the producer.

Flower Of Evil’s episodes will bring more drama

Flower Of Evil’s episodes might be intense and strenuous looking but on set, the cast had a great time, said the producer. As per the interview, the plot will soon witness a dramatic change, with Lee Joon Gi’s finally expressing the humane side. The latest episode showed him breaking in tears. The dark side will finally get through the tough personality of the character as per the director.

The producer also added that the major twist lies behind Hyun Soo’s tears. The race to the finale will also shed light on his affection to his wife, that is Chae Won’s character. The big question to ask here is if the dwindling love of So Hyun and Cha Ji-won find its destiny. As per the hints given by the producer, the most drama will be seen when discovering the real cause of Soo Hyun’s scars. The upcoming episode of Flower of Evil will be airing on September 9 at 10:50 pm as per Korean Standard Time on tvN.

Flower Of Evil cast

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