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Five sitcoms to binge-watch with your family this weekend



Five sitcoms to binge-watch with your family this weekend

Comedy is a peacemaker. Boomers, Millennials, Generation Z, and all those in-between love sitcoms. A sitcom can unite a family; all arguments, petty debates, and negotiations can (temporarily) halt when a funny series starts. Shows have become diverse enough to reflect the needs of both parents and children. A series can now fit the needs of different age groups while offering a message, causing a giggle fest, and keeping parents sane—no one wants to see a tired mother or father rocking in the corner from seeing that ‘Baby Shark’ video one too many times.

Here are some suggestions you can look on to when you got the mood to binge-watch with your dear fam!

1. The Middle on Comedy Central

The Middle is a family sitcom that followed a lower middle class Midwestern family where Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn played the role of Frankie and Mike Hack. They have three children Axl, Sue, and Brick. Most of The Middle’s comedy comes from the family’s Midwestern values and lower middle-class lifestyle. The show stands at the level of wholesome comedy which relies on the eccentricities of the Heck family to bring the big laughs. This makes it a show that can be watched by people of all ages without getting bored or worrying about too much adult humor. Catch the show only on Comedy Central.


The Good Place on Comedy Central


A ridiculously well-written comedy-drama with a philosophical bent, The Good Place not only makes you laugh, but also makes you think about stuff. It answers all your questions about the afterlife and takes them up a notch. Eleanor Shellstrop is vain, rude, and downright unpleasant, but people can change, right? Watch the show on Comedy Central to know more.


Liv and Maddie on Netflix


Dove Cameron plays twins Liv and Maddie in this Disney Channel original series. The show is about the sisters learning to connect again after time apart and their different interests. Liv and Maddie tackles the everyday trials and tribulations of being teen girls, but with the added complication of one being famous and the other a devoted and skilled basketball player. The show is entertaining, funny, and an insightful comedy to witness.


Modern Family on Disney + Hotstar


The show Modern Family, even after being a slow watch is quite hilarious. Be it Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, or Sophia Vergara, the mannerisms that these people embody, or the pragmatism that the Pritchett family showcases, is a spectacle to witness.


The Simpsons on Disney + Hotstar


With a rating of 8.7 and 31 seasons worth of content, there is no denying that The Simpsons is one of the best family sitcoms of all time. Who would have thought that an animated yellow family would be a staple in our lives and a constant source of entertainment? 


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