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Five auto shows that will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush



Five auto shows that will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush

Let’s be honest. The lockdown has put a serious hamper on all our movements. A tough time for die-hard car enthusiasts, with tempting empty roads and barely any traffic but it is very necessary for us to stay home for the sake of humanity. The next best option than driving yourself is to watch someone else drive. In order to quench your thirst for the fast-paced world of cars and simultaneously enjoy the lockdown, here are a few series focusing on cars that are pretty close to the real deal!

We might not be able to go out in cars ourselves (as we shouldn’t; stay safe everyone!) but we sure as hell can enjoy the thrill of speed and the adrenaline rush from the comfort of our couch!

1. Top Gear S27 on Colors Infinity

This British-origin TV show has been around since 2002. The host of Top Gear reviews new models of cars or vintage cars and also tackles various automotive challenges. They even invite celebrities to set a time on their specially designed race-course. There is a huge list of episodes with something new to watch in every episode. By the time you finish the whole series, there is a good chance that the lockdown is over. And if you are able to finish it before the quarantine is over, don’t worry there is more on the list.

2. Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix

Inarguably one of the finest pieces of automotive television, this documentary is a peek into the world of Formula One racing. The documentary offers an exclusive look into the behind-the-scenes of the 2018 and 2019 world championships. Racing at 360kmph, changing four tyres of a car in less than 2 seconds, driver rivalries, and crazy crashes that will surely make your heart skip a beat! The dynamics between the teams, clever juxtaposition of information and entertainment as well as the thrill of the championship make it a remarkable watch.


3. Grand Prix Driver on Amazon Prime Video


Grand Prix Driver follows McLarens’ journey, it offers a glimpse into the world of Formula One racing. Narrated by Michael Douglas, the series throws light on the inner workings of the F1 team and its strategies and ways of working for the 2017 championship. The series features Fernando Alonso, considered one of the greatest drivers of all times, despite just two World Championships under his belt. It is heavily insightful for F1 lovers and leaves you wanting more at the end of the four episodes.

4. Car Masters on Netflix

Another show with skilled mechanics, overhauling cars and trucks in order to earn bucks. The colorful crew at the Gotham Garage has one job, converting rust to riches in Car Masters. Well, when you talk about car shows, you will find many shows that portray the automotive mechanics as magicians while restoring the classics. And Car Masters is no exception.

5. The Gymkhana Files on Amazon Prime Video

The Emmy nominated show is a highly acclaimed series that charts the ups and downs of racing in the World Rallycross Championship. The unscripted documentary follows the life and work of Ken Block, the famed entrepreneur, and motorsports star. It talks of the making of Gymkhana 10 and offers an exclusive look into the making and filming of the films.








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