Charlie’s Angels Movie Review


Charlie’s Angels movie review: Ella Balinska is more surefooted from the beginning about what the film expects of her Angel.

Charlie’s Angels movie cast: Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart, Djimon Hounsou
Charlie’s Angels movie director: Elizabeth Banks
Charlie’s Angels movie rating: 3 stars

When the world is at stake, it really doesn’t need to be too complicated so as to ramp up the danger quotient. That’s the strength of this Charlie’s Angels reboot, in which women bond, women lead, women cry, women save, and women load their guns with tranquillisers, to keep the blood and gore limited, even as they save the world tracking down clues.

Director, co-screenwriter Banks also stars in this light, breezy story, which while making a slow start and sagging in the middle, finishes with a decent flourish. The message for female empowerment, in a franchise that was slammed for sexism when it first appeared as a TV series, is not laid thick either. The film’s message is that Angels come in all forms, a global sisterhood that is out there for the tapping.

While Kristen Stewart is her sulky self in the beginning, and you fear that her seeming resentment towards almost everything will lie like a wet blanket over proceedings, which can only be pulled off if those in it are having fun, she gets into the act with gusto later. This time, Charlie’s three Angels are as different as they come, and mostly muscular and lithe. The bisexual Stewart’s leanings are also broadly hinted at. Scott’s Elena is the damsel in distress type, but the source of her power is her mind. Balinska is more surefooted from the beginning about what the film expects of her Angel.

Banks stages most fights well, and there is a smart scene when the Angels break into a high-security building for a device some very bad guys are after.

Next time, and there may be a next time, keep it a little shorter and keep it a little faster.

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