Cargo trailer review: Vikrant-Shweta board a spaceship with existential questions


Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi are here to take you on their space mission. The two seasoned actors are starring in the Netflix film, Cargo. Cargo’s trailer dropped two days before its premiere on September 9, 2020. So what is this Indian sci-fi film all about? Why are Vikrant and Shweta on a space mission? Find out below.

Cargo Trailer review: Vikrant-Shweta’s space mission looks promising

The Indian film industry has produced content in many genres. Now producers and filmmakers are also trying their hand at sci-fi. The latest attempt in this genre is by Arati Kadav’s Cargo. The film is written and produced by her and stars Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi in lead roles. The Cargo trailer was released today and since then has been making headlines.

What is the Cargo trailer all about?

Kadav’s film Cargo is about a human being’s journey after their death. The film’s trailer starts with Vikrant Massey entering the scene as a Rakshasa (demon) named Prabhasta. Prabhasta is on a space mission to get dead souls ready for their reincarnation. The Cargo trailer indicates that Vikrant a.k.a. Prabhasta has been alone on this spaceship for years.

But everything changes when Shweta Tripathi enters as Yuvika Shekhar, Prabhasta’s assistant. Both the employees work on repairing the human soul before reincarnation. The duo heals the soul or cargo’s wounds, diseases and also erases their memories. But while doing so, both Prabhasta and Yuvika themselves ask many existential questions about life, death, and mythology.

What works?

Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi’s stunning performances are visible in the Cargo trailer. Their dialogues also give a subtle idea about the film’s plotline without giving away too much. Arati’s writing and direction are also commendable and look promising. The visuals and graphics in the Cargo trailer also seem realistic without taking away the limelight.

Final thoughts

The Cargo trailer has doubt raised the bar for the film. The on-screen performances in the film are to watch out for. Since the film is dealing with Hindu mythology in a modern way, its careful handling is important. Arati Kadav seems to have done a fabulous job in this case. It will be interesting to see how the film performs according to the promising trailer that has been released.

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