Bypass Road Movie Review


Bypass Road movie review: The plot is convoluted.

Bypass Road movie cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Rajit Kapur, Gul Panag, Sudhanshu Pandey, Manish Chadhuri, Adah Sharma, Shama Sikander
Bypass Road movie director: Naman Nitin Mukesh
Bypass Road movie rating: One and a half stars

A well-appointed mansion out in an isolated spot is lit up at night. A window shatters. A body falls to the ground. A car is driven off at high speed. Another car comes barreling at it. Crash, bang, thud. A bloodied body comes to rest..

Bypass Road checks all the boxes of a murder mystery-cum-thriller. A murder. An accident. More killings. Sundry characters up to no good. Lots of red herrings. But the film is just another botched attempt at a genre Bollywood has never excelled at.

Vikram (Mukesh) is the son of a rich man (Kapur) who has a young wife (Panag) and daughter. Someone is out to get Vikram: who can it be? The second wife who hates his guts? A jealous lover? Or a masked stalker trawling the mansion, bloody knife in hand?

The plot is convoluted. The proceedings are confused. The bit of menace generated by the cat-and-mouse chase in the house is diluted by weak strands which add nothing to the main act. A couple of men in black, one with a drawn face, and the other with a stern one, are in the mix. So are two women who never look very sure about their bearings.

A cop-cum-sleuth (Chaudhuri) with a constantly furrowed brow and narrowed eyes is on the case. Background music ebbs and swells as we wait with unabated breath for the final reveal. If you are wise in the ways of whodunits, you will have twigged on early on.

The first and only time that Neil Nitin Mukesh left an impact was in his first film, Johnny Gaddar. This has him in practically every frame, and he goes at the material with sincerity, and there are one or two twitchy twists. But all told, this is a drag.

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