‘Breaking Bad’ actor Bob Odenkirk speaks about his favourite scene from the whole series


Bob Odenkirk spoke about his favourite scene from the series Breaking Bad. The show gained massive popularity through the years and fans have always been up for discussing certain scenes from the show. Similarly, Bob Odenkirk too discussed his favourite scene from the series with Entertainment Weekly.

Over the years, the character Bob Odenkirk played on the series grew increasingly popular. He also went on to get another show called “Better Call Saul” due to the immense popularity his character gained through Breaking BadBetter Call Saul dealt with the backstory of Bob Odenkirk’s character from Breaking Bad.

Bob Odenkirk speaks about his favourite scene from the Breaking Bad series

Thus, the actor spoke about his favourite scene from Breaking Bad and revealed that it was the scene when people found out who Saul Goodman was and what he was all about. According to the actor, it was this scene that was very well written and stood out for him. The actor remarked that it marvelled him to know how the makers managed to deliver such a powerful performance in just that one single scene. He was all praise for the scene and mentioned that he absolutely loved the scene very much.

Bob Odenkirk played a pivotal character on Breaking Bad. It was in Season 2 Episode 8 when the viewers were introduced to Saul. As the story of the show progressed, fans got to know that Walter and Jesse saw Saul as someone who was quite integral to their business. It was during one of the scenes that Badger got arrested for selling a certain item when Jesse told Walter that they needed a lawyer who was not just an ordinary criminal layer but someone who was a criminal in his own ways and was also a lawyer.

Reminiscing those scenes, Bob Odenkirk remarked that they were quite well written. He praised the introduction scene of Saul in the interaction. He added that he personally loved the introduction scene and the way Saul as a character introduced himself. Bob Odenkirk said that he felt it was quite different in tone in comparison to anything he had ever done before.

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