Home News #BoardExamsPostponed: Ashnoor Kaur, Kartikey Malviya and other celebs react to CBSE’s decision

#BoardExamsPostponed: Ashnoor Kaur, Kartikey Malviya and other celebs react to CBSE’s decision



#BoardExamsPostponed: Ashnoor Kaur, Kartikey Malviya and other celebs react to CBSE’s decision

Amid a significant surge in the COVID-19 cases in the country, the central board of secondary education (CBSE) on Wednesday decided to cancel the class X exams whereas class XII exams have been postponed once again. The decision has left people divided. Some feel it’s the right decision, others are unhappy over the uncertainty of their examinations. Television actress Ashnoor Kaur who had been preparing for her Class XII exams this year shared that the news came as a bummer to her and she feels it kills the enthusiasm among students to give exams. 

Ashnoor told ETimes, “I just got to know that our exams have been postponed and rescheduled to probably June. Every time we get an announcement, exams just keep getting postponed. Hum latak jaate hai iss chakkar me as it keeps dragging. The enthusiasm to give the board exams and rigor inside us kind of dies. I feel they should just clear and give us a certain date. We won’t be pressurized inside. It creates a lot of anxiety about the exams. We are not able to understand how and for when do we prepare?”

She also added, “We are kind of happy. My best friend and I have our birthdays on April 30 and May 3. We are happy about that part that we will atleast get to spend our birthdays, which would have otherwise fallen on exam dates. Some people are happy, some students actually pray that exams should get cancelled and some just want to get done with it. We are obviously prepared and now solving mock papers. So it kind of kills the zeal.”

Ashnoor was last seen in a popular television show Patiala Babes. 

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Actor Kartikey Malviya has been a part of shows like Radhakrishnan and Chandragupta Maurya. The actor while talking to ETimes, said, “For a student actor like me, it is an unfortunate decision. We have so many things to juggle between and my school is in Bhopal. It’s going to be difficult for me. I had given dates to some projects, but now I don’t know what will happen?”

He added, “I will keep preparing for my exams. I won’t take it easy just because the exams haven’t been postponed. You never know when they declare the date and it can be appearing in person or online, but we need to be prepared anyway.”

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