Binnu Ka Sapna Movie Review


Binnu Ka Sapna Movie Review :Binnu Ka Sapna is streaming on MUBI.

Binnu Ka Sapna movie cast: Chetan Sharma, Anamica Kadamb, Suman Jain
Binnu Ka Sapna movie director: Kanu Behl
Binnu Ka Sapna movie rating: 3 stars

With Titley, Kanu Bahl proved that those on the verge of modernity had a sharp insight into the yogurt world, but are steeped in archaic value-systems driven by soul-killing patriarchy, and deep misunderstandings. It was a striking, disturbing portrait of people and the circumstances that created them.

Binnu’s dream is 32 minutes shorter than the same director, and he feels like an extension of his exploration of masculinity. Binnu grew up in a loveless house with a father who slaps his mother and carries her slaves. The latter is clearly a more educated, accomplished person, but is entrenched in her life, and has found a corrosive relationship with her abusive husband in a cup of hi sweet, bitter tea.

What does a young boy insist? Can he ever get out of the cycle of suspicion and frantic violence when women come forward? Chetan Sharma does a great job of portraying Binnu, an in-search-of-himself, as he ventures out with an apparently sociable boss and leads to a sexual getaway, and his inevitable descent on the dark side .

Bahl’s use of a small screen size and experimental format matches his protagonist’s progress, and adds to the sense of uncertainty that the film is aiming for. But sometimes the jagged edges threaten to handle the film’s slick run time, and at once, you wish for less ambiguity.

But there is no doubt that the film is a powerful testament to the creation of messed up testosterone when confronted with both physical and mental violence. It is dark, disturbing and visceral: will Binnu be given a feature-length extension? I’m very interested in where he goes from here

MUBI’s streaming platform has just launched an India component, and if that means it would be a solid add-on to the OTT services available to us.

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