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Bharat Movie Story

A little boy who is forced to be responsible early does not regret a non-existent childhood. He actually makes it his life goal to put his family in front of him. The film follows the journey of Bharat (Salman Khan) over several decades as he navigates the ups and downs of life.

Review of Bharat

An official adaptation of the South Korean drama Od for My Father (2014), Bharat focuses on the personal and professional choice of his righteous hero, against the social backdrop of his time.

Separated from his father and sister during the Indo-Pak partition as a child in 1947, Bharata decided to devote his entire life to keeping the promise he had made to his missing father. He takes home himself as the eldest son to care for his mother and siblings, hoping that their family will reunite someday. From 1947 to 2010, the narrative spans over six decades. You see Bharat doing risky odd tasks.

He even falls in love with Kumud (Katrina Kaif), who is very brave and honest and takes the first step on him. “I love you. My marriage is over. Mary marries you,” she says without opening her eyes. She proposes marriage without any fear. “I say and do what I think That’s right, she says, “he teases Salman,” aren’t you a little self-reliant? “She was also influential in the void and Bharat is Katrina’s best acting part so far. Her chemistry with Salman Looks natural and does a good job portraying a woman who is self-confident rather than self-confident. She is equal, even better than her man and Ali Abbas Zafar makes no bones about it . Her hair is a different story though. The gray stripes are inconsistent as her character ages and the unruly curls feel unnecessary.

Ali’s writing also mentions how he cast Sunil Grover’s character as Vilayati, Bharata’s best friend and confidant. Our best friends are our intimate, constant companions and it reflects the beauty here. Grover does justice to his well-written role and deserves such important parts. Sonali Kulkarni and Jackie Shroff are as brilliant as ever.

Interestingly, there is Sooraj Barjatya hiding somewhere in Salman Khan. After glorifying In Hookup Culture in films and web shows, his films with old school values ​​often aim to bring families together. He does a good job and looks good. Salman’s intimacy with his actual family (parents and siblings) makes him ideal for playing the character of Bharata as he adopts his character traits, thus making it more reassuring.

In contrast, Ali performs a balancing act. He provokes feelings with Salman’s elements that will blow his Deadhard fans. He recounts the story unheard of on a huge canvas. When he manages to keep you hooked despite his intricate source material and inaccurate lyrics, Bharata has a lot of things at once and even jumps at times. This ultimately makes the film a tedious, scattered watch despite its entertainment, humor and nobility.

Also, ‘intention to inspire’ is a bit in your face. While emotional manipulation occurs in every film, the fact that it is clear makes it an overreaction. Faith has blossomed. A little subtlety and crisp editing would have done wonders.

Bharat is well intentioned, entertaining and does not fall into the trap of commercial potboilers. The fact that it tries too hard to prove it has its problem.

Cast:Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Sunil Grover, Disha Patani, Nora Fatehi, Sonali Kulkarni, Aasif Sheikh, Kumud Mishra, Tabu
Direction:Ali Abbas Zafar
Duration:2 hours 47 minutes

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