Balraj Syal ties the knot with Deepti Tuli


Balraj Syal and Deepti Tuli at their wedding. (Photo: Balraj Syal/Instagram)

Actor-reality show contestant Balraj Syal has tied the knot with singer Deepti Tuli. Balraj on Sunday took to his Instagram account to share a photo from his wedding ceremony.

Balraj and Deepti’s wedding was held on August 7 in the former’s hometown Jalandhar.

Talking to, Balraj Syal shared that it was all destiny’s doing that they got married amid the pandemic. However, he jokingly added that it indeed helped him save money.

“No one knows when the situation would become normal. My family was really keen to see me get married, and I too thought it was the right time. We followed all precautions and guidelines issued by the government. There were just about 20-25 people, but it was a beautiful time. Also, thankfully now no one will have a chance to complain of not getting invited,” shared Balraj.

Balraj marriageBalraj Syal and Deepti Tuli tied the knot in Jalandhar. (Photo: SONU PHOTOZ PHOTOGRAPHY)
balraj weddingBalraj Syal and Deepti Tuli’s wedding was a close-knit affair. (Photo: SONU PHOTOZ PHOTOGRAPHY)

The actor met Deepti Tuli at an event in 2016, and instantly felt a connection. The two would spend hours talking to each other and knowing that she was the one, Balraj proposed to her in January this year. However, she took her own sweet time to accept his proposal.

When asked what was it about Deepti that he decided to tie the knot with her, Balraj Syal said, “Well time will tell if it was a right decision (laughs). Honestly, when I saw her, I felt I should get married to her. She is very understanding and knows my heart sayings before I can speak out. Also, when I introduced Deepti to my family, they also fell in love with her. I think I don’t deserve such a nice girl. Hence, before other boys had a chance post the pandemic, I took the opportunity to get married.”

While the newlyweds missed going on a honeymoon, Balraj shared that they will travel once things are normal. As of now, they are back in Mumbai. “We both are quite passionate about work and hence are back. Everything is going great thanks to the love and wishes of all of you,” he added.

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